1. syrup tree. In a clay pot is placed in layers buds, pine cones and honey. Cover with a lid, then sealed with a thick towel and leave in a dark room for 2-3 weeks. Drink a teaspoon of syrup 4 times daily.
2. black radish. Peel and cut a black radish slices. Place in a bowl porcelain sugar together. In the morning we find a juice 5-6 tablespoons are taken daily.
3. Thyme. Prepare an infusion of one teaspoon of dried herb in 200 ml of boiling water. Drink a cup sweetened with honey in the morning on an empty stomach.
4. Coltsfoot. Coltsfoot tea is made from a teaspoon of herb per cup of water. Take a teaspoon, every hour. For stronger effect, mix with dried flowers and shock.
5. Tei. It makes tea with lemon and lime drink in the morning, half an hour before breakfast. With lime tea to put a spoonful of salt can gargle.
6. Ginger. Ginger syrup helps to regain voice. Wash well ginger root and then give little grated, then immediately put in a jar and add honey. One teaspoon of grated ginger put a teaspoon of honey. Allow two weeks, then filter, yielding a semi-clear syrup, spicy and fragrant with strong taste. Take 3-4 teaspoons of syrup per day.