Natural Remedies for Arthritis

Because of the side effects of drugs are turning to herbal medicine
Although there are many drugs for this disease, their prices and growing risk of side reactions which they imply that prompted many to turn to natural remedies. The reason for doing this can be diverse. Some patients may have tried many medications and none of the expected results.
There are in our body a substance called glucosamine, something like glucose. This helps prevent arthritis and joint tissues preserving fluid that surrounds them in a gelatinous state, which will lubricate the area. Unfortunately, with the amount of glucosamine how aging body starts to decrease, affecting the joints.
The reasons patients may be different
The patient may have tried many allopathic treatments and no longer believes in healing his body with them and then looking for an alternative milder and less expensive.
It can also be as arthritis sufferer worried about other aspects associated with prescribed medications knowing that they are generally older people who suffer from other diseases.
Alternative reliable
Here are some alternatives to drugs against arthritis.
But attention! It is not good to stop therapy and seek natural remedies before consulting medical advice. Consider their suggestions, instructions for use, side effects of each remedy in part.
- Acupuncture
- Avoid meat as it exists in an acid that causes inflammation of the joints and call as often as herbal nutrition, vegetarian
- Bee venom / snakes, but carefully for those who suffer from allergic reactions
- Chondrodit: Help fluid flow in cartilage, increase the ability to mitigate shocks
- Weight Control - a higher body weight means greater pressure exerted on the joints.
- Fish Oil: controls inflammation in the body. There are other oils that have this property: linseed, sesame, sunflower and pumpkin.
Allergies to certain foods can cause arthritis
Common foods that you should quit are: wheat, corn, dairy, citrus, salt, caffeine, tomatoes, white potatoes, eggplant.
- Ginger is an antioxidant that has no other inflammatory side effects
- Magnets: what the results of such treatment are still preliminary.
- Nettle leaves - reduce the need for an anti-inflammatory drug commonly used
- Yoga, meditations, visualizations and creative representations
- Aromatherapy
- Osteopathic and chiropractic therapy
- Homeopathy
- Natural medicine
- Pantothenic acid
Vitamins C and E, useful for joint cartilage
It is very important to consume more vitamin C because it is a component of collagen which forms part of the protective cartilage of joints. That will reduce joint pain and your food will be much healthier.
Vitamin E is an antioxidant used in the first stage for osteoarthritis, which is found in soy, nuts, spinach.
Exercise practiced in warm water can greatly reduce the joint pain
Flexibility of joints and muscles is very important. Floating in warm water can reduce stress and relieve joint pain. Often when we find ourselves immersed painful limbs can move or stretch again. It is not just the physical comfort, but also a great psychological effect.
Using natural resistance to water can improve muscle tone without affecting the future tissues that typically are affected.
Floating, walking in water reduces impact on joints, tones the muscles and tissues.
Exercise regimen is not a cure and can not replace a physician's recommendations. It is good to practice these exercises along with prescribed treatment.