When and how it is best to drink water?

Drink water before meals rather than after. Cold liquids harms digestion
The doctor says it's okay to drink two liters per day of liquid, preferably water. But when it's better to drink water before, after eating, while eating or between meals? Cold water or room temperature? Here are some questions that we have asked many times. and this is what our experts advise.
  • Two liters, but little by little
     Water plays an essential role in maintaining health. Even if two liters of fluid seem a huge amount, you should know that water intake is essential in eliminating toxins. Body should not be bombarded with a lot of water at once, it is advisable to drink small amounts throughout the day. If swallowed too much water in a short time causes sudden dilution of gastric juices. In addition, bladder and kidneys are overworked. They will absorb more, but the amount of toxins removed remains the same. The water will pass too quickly through the body, it will not benefit from its qualities. Too much water can cause so-called "water intoxication". Symptoms are similar to those of dehydration: apathy, mental confusion, dizziness, fatigue. If you do not drink enough water, the headaches and the risk of urinary tract infections and kidney stones. Can we find out if we have enough fluids in the body, controlling urine color. If the color of straw, we stand idly by, but if it's cloudy, it is clear that fluid intake is insufficient. If it is clear, that means drinking too much fluid.
  • Even meals
     You should not drink water with meals. In some nations, the host sits you at the table, you put in front of all the goodies, but no water. So advise and nutritionists: during feeding, drink water. There are some opinions that claim that while eating is good to drink water, especially if you have problems with constipation. This advice is recommended especially when food is rich in vegetables and fruits that are rich water. But in any case it is not good to drink at the table people who suffer from digestive disorders. Water slows digestion, digestive enzymes and diminunandu diluting their effectiveness. Thus, the feeling of heaviness. For obese good. If you drink water between meals saturate faster, thus water associated with food is even recommended in diets. Energetic people drink more water in the morning, when fluid intake is higher. Evening nutritionists advise us to not drink much water as gastric activity is reduced during sleep and the body will tend to eliminate water through sweat.
  • No cold water!
     Many people prefer a drink after a meal. Very wrong! Carbonated drinks and alcohol give the false impression that cut thirst, soon you will be even more dehydrated. in addition, provide a high intake of calories. Healthy is to drink water or unsweetened herbal teas. But not cold. Cold water after a meal solidify the oily food you just swallowed it and will slow digestion and metabolism. Moreover, cold water immediately after eating fat consumption and can lead to cancer over time. They say it's better to drink hot tea after eating, as do, for example, Chinese. Ice water during hot weather is dangerous, leading to thermal shock or heart attack in people with cardiovascular disease. Experts say it's better to drink a cup of water half an hour before meals. thus, blood moisturizes, and can cope calorie intake from food. In addition, this trick will lead to loss of appetite, Extremely helpful people who want to lose weight.
  • Diet with hot water
     • Very fashionable hot water is diet, which apparently comes from traditional Chinese medicine. This means daily drink a glass of warm water (body temperature), with small sips every day for a week, morning upon awakening. Just before and after every meal. This extremely simple diet, which seems to disappear faster weight, can be dangerous. ask your doctor how to do it correctly and what diet you should follow!